Redefining Web Maintenance

At DEV1150, we recognize your website as a central pillar of your business strategy.Beyond ensuring your site is up-to-date and compelling, our holistic webmaintenance and development services extend to crafting targeted email andSMS campaigns for your clientele. We


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Why Choose Us

  • Proactive Web Maintenance

    Choose a team that anticipates your needs. DEV1150 ensures your website remains at the forefront of digital innovation, providing constant care that prevents issues before they arise.

  • Direct Engagement Tools

    Empower your communication with direct marketing tools. We integrate email and SMS functionalities that connect you to your audience, fostering relationships and driving conversions.

  • Seamless Updates & Upgrades

    Adapt and evolve with ease. Our experts handle everything from content updates to adding new functionalities, making your website a dynamic force that grows with your business.

  • Your Success, Our Mission

    At DEV1150, your goals are our priority. We are committed to delivering a web presence that not only meets but exceeds expectations. By partnering with us, you are choosing a future where your website is a cornerstone of your success.

What can you expect for Website Maintenance services?

Content, Graphics & Text

Craft a sharp image with words and visuals that speak volumes. From content creation to graphic design and text editing, we shape your message to perfection.

Direct Marketing

Forge stronger connections with email and SMS campaigns. Customized, direct, and engaging—your message reaches customers wherever they are.

Training & Support

Gain expertise and uninterrupted service. Our training empowers you, while our tech support ensures your site always runs like clockwork.

Performance Assurance

Enjoy a seamless online experience. With proactive bug fixes and timely updates, we keep your website in prime condition.

Product Management

Keep your inventory updated. Add new offerings, tweak existing ones, or remove what's no longer needed.

Page Management

Streamline your user experience. Add, revise, or remove pages to keep your site intuitive and efficient.

New Functionalities

Grow your site’s skills at a special price. With an active maintenance plan, enjoy discounted hourly rates on any new features you need.

FREE Standard Website

Launch with a solid foundation. Commit to a yearly maintenance plan and receive a FREE standard website—our investment in your digital future.

Secure Hosting

Streamline and secure your online presence. Selected maintenance plans include robust hosting and SSL certificates, providing peace of mind and enhanced website security at no extra cost.

Get a FREE Standard Website!

Get a complimentary standard website with an annual maintenance plan. Start your success story.

Website Maintenance Plans



  • Up to 10 Graphics

  • Up to 10000 text

  • Up to 3 new products

  • Up to 3 new pages

  • Up to 30 mins Admin training

  • 5% Discount Extra

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  • Up to 15 Graphics

  • Up to 50000 text

  • Up to 10 new products

  • Up to 10 new pages

  • Up to 2 per month sms changing

  • Up to 2 per month email compaigns

  • Up to 1 hr Admin training

  • 10% Discount Extra

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    • Unlimited Graphics

    • Unlimited text

    • Unlimited products

    • Unlimited new pages

    • Up to 6 per month sms changing

    • Up to 6 per month email compaigns

    • Unlimited Admin training

    • 10% Discount Extra

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Advanced Web & APP Development

Crafting Complex Solutions for Modern Challenges

At DEV1150, we don't just build websites; we engineer sophisticated digital experiences. Whether you need a complex website with advanced functionalities or a bespoke app to engage your users, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life with precision and creativity

Server-Side Development

Power up your backend. Our server-side development ensures robust performance, secure data handling, and seamless integration.

UI/UX Design

Captivate users with impeccable design. We create intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interfaces that offer superior user experiences.

Front-End Development

Bring your website to the forefront. Our front-end development services make your site not only look good but feel responsive and interactive.

App Development

Innovate on the go. We develop mobile applications that deliver functionality, engagement, and value to your users wherever they are.

Let's create the extraordinary. Connect with us to discuss how we can turn your complex project into a digital reality.


Frequently Asked Questions

At DEV1150, we focus on proactive solutions and personalized service. Our comprehensive maintenance plans are designed to keep your website ahead of the curve, not just running.

Absolutely. We specialize in scalable solutions that ensure seamless performance, security, and user experience, no matter how high the demand.

Our standard websites include essential features that cater to most business needs. For complex projects, we offer custom development to create unique functionalities tailored to your specific requirements.

Yes, we believe in long-term partnerships. Our team is committed to providing ongoing support and updates to ensure your digital assets continue to meet your evolving business needs.

We provide bespoke app development services that are quoted based on the complexity and specific needs of your project. We can discuss various options to align with your goals and budget.

Our maintenance packages include bug fixing and troubleshooting. Should you encounter any issue, we're on hand to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Clients with an active maintenance plan receive preferential rates for adding new functionalities to their websites, billed at a discounted hourly rate.

While our primary focus is on web maintenance and development, we can offer guidance on SEO best practices and refer you to trusted partners who specialize in SEO and digital marketing.


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